Introducing DC-Tri

Ready to have some fun? Perfect for jetting around town or your morning commute, the DC-Tri is a universal stand up e-trike that’s built for your needs and meets our high standards. This amazing lightweight e-trike doesn’t require pedaling, is highly maneuverable and has an incredible zero turning radius. It’s fun to ride and, with three wheels, it’s an easier and safer ride than a two-wheel bike.

The unique design provides riders with a low center of gravity, which makes riding safer, stable and almost untippable. The chrome-moly frame has passed all industry stress tests and weight ratings. The trike also features high-quality bike components to ensure a smooth, safe ride for everyone.


DC-Tri's powerful brushless front hub motor which produces speeds of up to 15mph/25kph, high quality disc brakes, smooth riding shock forks, and a 36V, 13AH lithium-Ion battery are just a few of the high-quality components that set the trike apart from standard e-bikes.

  • Up to 15mph/25kmh
  • Five-mode controller LCD Screen
  • Eco Friendly
  • Zero Turning Radius
  • Suspension
  • USB Port
  • Easy to Store
  • Up to 30 miles/50klm on a single charge
  • Recharges in 4 hours