About DC Tri

Dc-Tri is an Innovation Company with a passion for developing future personal transportation devices. 

Dal Seale and Chris O’Neil are the two Australian guys who created the idea for our unique stand up electric trike.

“In the development of the DC-Tri, we wanted to create a unique, cool product for the whole family to ride and commute to work, school or to the beach. However we are guys that love to have fun, so we needed to push our idea further so we could have the ability to do tricks, maneuvers, jump it, race it and even drift it. The fun element is really important to us.“ Dal said.  

“We have spent our entire lives modifying everything we have bought, just to make it better or to better suit our own needs. Cars, caravans, boats, bikes, 4WD, campervans - even sports cars,” Chris added.

The idea to create the DC-Tri was inspired by the need for a highly maneuverable zero turn, and minimal balance input, environmentally friendly transportation device. This initial creative idea was born in May 2016

 “A key part of the design development, was to create something for all ages but something cool enough that young people would want to ride. We are always pushing boundaries and have such an attention to detail that we spent a great deal of time growing and emerging our concept to make sure it offered everything we wanted,” Dal said.

A global patent was secured for the device and further development occurred in late 2016. Various modifications and testing continued with an emphasis on delivering a high end product. 

In March 2017, the final version of the DC-Tri rolled off the production line. It has been passed every industry test undertaken with flying colors whilst attracting the interest of some of the industry’s largest players. 

The overwhelming feedback from people who have ridden them has been amazing with almost everyone commenting about the fun aspect, the ease of riding, the balance and the maneuverability. People get what it can do. It is for fun, lifestyle, commuting and enjoyment. And of course, you don’t have to have great balance! It is very satisfying,” Dal said.